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Water filter in the application of shallow sand filter?

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-22
The effect of different filter, water filter is different also, but they all have the effect is very critical, the water in the shallow sand filter filter application is as follows:

in the field of industrial circulating cooling water, are often faced with sticky mud, scale, deposition and so on a variety of problems.

these problems directly led to the change of thermal efficiency directly, but also leads to increased consumption, pipeline blocking, the problem such as equipment shorten the life. Now the shallow sand filter can effectively solve these problems, the advent of guarantee stable and safe operation of circulating cooling water system.

shallow sand filters using different filtering of the diameter of the quartz sand to deep filtration of raw water, can effectively remove particles, reduce the turbidity.

shallow sand filter machine has the backwash water consumption is small, convenient installation, convenient operation, and maintenance convenient, almost no after-sales maintenance problem, the service cost is low.

shallow sand filter has the unique internal water distribution and the catchment, backwash water, has a unique two-way automatic flush valve, a single backwash of tank, do not affect other filtering operation of the tanks.

than traditional sand filters, valve filters water saving, simple operation, the area is small.
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