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Water filter parameter selection

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-22
Keywords: water filter

keyword description: water filter parameter selection

water filter selection principles: 1, import and export size: in principle, the import and export of the filter size should not be less than the import of matching pump size, generally consistent with imported pipe diameter. 2, nominal pressure, determined in accordance with the highest pressure filter line possible filter pressure rating. 3, the number of hole mesh: the main consideration to intercept impurities particle size, according to the medium flow process requirement. All kinds of wire mesh can intercept the particle size of the check table below & other; Mesh specifications & throughout; 。 4, filter material: filter material selection and the general connection of process piping material is the same, for different service conditions can consider to choose cast iron, carbon steel, low alloy steel or stainless steel filter. 5, filter resistance loss calculation: water filter, in the general calculation under the rated flow rate, pressure loss is 0. 52 ~ 1. 2 kpa guangzhou filter source water filter equipment co. , LTD. Is China's first development and production of water filter various types of products are: PP wire wound filter, PP folded filter, PP melt-blown filter, activated carbon filter, resin filter, big flow filter, and provide the matching equipment professional factories, was also the first three development line around the filter, and participate in the formulation of the chemical wire wound type filter core ( Water filter) One of the industry standard drafting unit. Sincerely look forward to cooperation with you! 。
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