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Water filter principle to decide which factor?

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-22
In many areas, water filtration is a very important link, therefore the role of water filter is especially important. So, what is water filter principle? Water filter manufacturer for your detailed introduction water filter principle.

the filtration principle, water treatment and operating mode.

the water quality of raw water is very complex, filtered through a series of steps to get the required water quality, so it is necessary to the filtering process of water treatment. Filtering is to use some kind of porous media to the operation of the suspending liquid separation. Work, under the effect of external force, the slurry through the medium of the liquid flow channel, solid particles interception, so as to realize separation.

general called for filtering suspension feed slurry; In porous media is called filter medium; Through the channel of medium liquid called filtrate; Trapped in the solid called filter cake or residue.

2, filtering the impetus is the difference in the pressure on both sides of the filter medium upstream and downstream, produce the pressure difference method has the following kinds:

(1) using the straining its head;

(2) in the plasma surface pressure;

3. On the downstream side of the filter medium vacuum;

(4) using the inertial centrifugal force.

filter operation according to the principle of work can be divided into two categories:

1, the sieve analysis filter: filter medium hole mesh is less than the diameter of the solid grain, rely on the sieve analysis function to remove solid particles in suspension.

screen analysis filter tiny particles flow at the beginning of filtration, the filtrate is cloudy. With the formation of cake layer and upset, the filtrate gradually become clear. Due to the mesh gradually by plugging, filtration velocity decrease trend.

the filtering process when the filter cake layer formation, function was generated by the cake layer sieve analysis, filter medium loss of sieve analysis, only ACTS as support layer, called filter cake layer.

2, adsorption filter: filter medium of mesh mesh is greater than the diameter of the solid particles, solid particles into the filter medium channel after adsorption by medium surface.

in the actual production, screen analysis and adsorption function at the same time, the adsorption filter medium intercept larger particles; Sieve analysis can filter medium layer adsorption smaller particles.
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