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Water filtration filter instructions

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-22
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1. Thoroughly clean the filter 2. Filter paper box, unpack filter, pay attention to the above tags and plastic bags are in good condition. Open the plastic bag, check whether the seal is installed 4. With the process liquid ( Such as water) Wet & other; O” Type 5. To plastic packaging for protection, hold filter near one end of the pin and the vertical pressure filter in the filter location hole, the card into the type filter must be rotary clamping (6). 'll take out the plastic bags, cover plate, with nut and tighten 7. Open the filter at the top of the exhaust valve of 8. Open the inlet valve slightly, causes the liquid into the filter when liquid overflow from the exhaust valve, then close vent valve. Slowly open the downstream outlet valve until fully open 10. Adjust the inlet valve slowly, until fully open 11. For every 10 & quot; Filter with 250 l/h flow flushing of the 12 10 minutes. Should not be big traffic impact filter, avoid reverse direction compression 13. If filter differential pressure delta P> 0. 15 mpa or flow rate decreased obviously, suggests that filter most of the hole has been blocked 14. Such as folding filter temporarily not to use, should not filter drier, the filter should be stored in the filter, filter into the water containing antibacterial agent ( Such as 10 PPM or 2% hydrogen peroxide solution, sodium chlorate solution before using again, rinse clean shall present the antibacterial agent) Web site
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