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by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21
Once you decide to buy the water filter and what contaminants are removed from the water, you need to decide the style of the filter cartridge.
Most companies offer a variety of different filtration systems to meet the various needs of consumers, whether you are renting a house or have your own house or want a portable filter.
Some different household filters include: $50-$80 positive :-
Easy to carry-
Can be stored in the refrigerator :-
After using the specified number of liters, the cartridge needs to be replaced and the filter life is short
Limited to 1-Volume
$290-3 liters need to be filled regularly
Easy to carry-
Can be in the fridge-
The cartridge lasts longer than the kettle filter
Easy to replace cartridge :-
The pot needs to be filled with heavy objects, the volume of transport is limited to 1-13 litres -
If the inner filter is touched, the ceramic filter cartridge breaks and accumulates bacteria.
Slow flow rate of water filtration-
Filter/counter for top filter/faucet installation
$350-top water filter
Can move, suitable for renting people-
Can be in the fridge-
The cartridge lasts longer than the kettle filter and is easy to replace :-
Not all the water in the house.
As you can see, there are many types of filtering systems.
You need to choose what suits your needs best.
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