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Water purification equipment

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21
We are a water purification equipment ( Water purifier) Professional manufacturer of stainless steel water purification, water device and carbon steel material, water purification equipment under below to share knowledge, hope to be of help.
water purification equipment including quartz sand filter, activated carbon filter, filter medium, manganese sand filter, etc. , mainly to intercept the impurities in the water, quartz sand filter built in quartz sand, has high hardness, particle uniformity, sewage capability is strong, as well as the low price, and activated carbon filter also become activated carbon filter, activated carbon adsorber, he mainly by activated carbon adsorption capacity, adsorption of organic impurities in water, metal ions, in wastewater treatment has the functions such as decoloring in addition to taste, and have improve the transparency of water in water purification process, can play a role to improve the taste of water in drinking water. Application is widely, and more media filter mainly fills a variety of media to clean up, such as quartz sand, activated carbon, manganese sand, etc. , basically be to see the water to remove any impurities to choose filter material. Manganese sand filter is mainly removing iron and manganese ions in the water, generally groundwater in the water treatment, waste water containing high manganese iron, pipe derusting water, in groundwater treatment usually taken out after, began to clear and transparent, for a period of time after oxidation, the water became Huang Fahong, it's because of high iron content in water, so the manganese sand filter processing, crystal clear water quality after treatment.
water purification equipment according to the material to have stainless steel water purification equipment and carbon steel water purification equipment, concrete materials need to look at the buyer's budget and requirement for water processor, such as health level there is no need for stainless steel, in general, stainless steel prices high, beautiful appearance, and low carbon steel material cost, lower investment cost, the effect of the processing, main is to look at the selection of filter material quality and the relationship between the diameter of the filter tank size and so on.
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