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Water purification equipment specifications

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21
A filtering profile
quartz sand, quartz sand filter, overall made of carbon steel internal rubber lining anti-corrosion, stainless steel 304 wire tube, small resistance, large flux, fill in high quality quartz sand. Mainly through the filter material of sediment, colloid, and the organic matter to intercept, adsorption. Often used to purify water treatment and wastewater treatment, because of its no pollution, low prices, low running cost, so more widely, and reverse flushing discharge for a few minutes to be used for the first time in the sewage net can be normal use.
filtration velocity, V = 8 ~ 15 m/hVmax = 15 m/h.
working temperature: 5 ~ 40 ℃
working pressure < 0. 45MPa。

2, bag filter bag filter is through the filter bag with the container to filter the water and sediment, further filter impurities such as suspended particles and colloid in water, due to the filter bag bag filter flux is larger, so generally use a larger water treatment system, the precision of the bag filter has 10 microns.
three advantages, bag filter,
1, the application range and strong adaptability of multipurpose filtering equipment.
2, filter bag sliding sideways probability is small, is to be able to guarantee the filtration precision.
3, filtration flux is large, large amount of sludge, the pressure loss is small.
4, low running cost, filter bag flux big and cheaper price.
5, and can quickly change the filter bag, filter the basic no material consumption, reduce operating costs.
four filling filter, quartz sand filter material note
1, determine the azimuth of the quartz sand filter, filter requirements placed smoothly, place the filter platform for weighing 40 tons, then open the DN400 manhole, check if there is any foreign body inside the tube and the stainless steel wire cloth is loose. ( Refer to below pipe valves, and the pipe bracket on the ontology to determine the azimuth of the filter, filter material in before, make sure to bearing, installs was difficult to move the filter or filter material)
2, to the vats filled with quartz sand, coarse sand, first then pretend to fine sand, the formation of filter layer from top to bottom, sand particle size from small to large.
3, close the manhole cover, tighten the screws on manhole covers. Five, quartz sand filter instructions (
See the connecting line chart)

1, backwashing; Steps: open the valve, valve and exhaust valve c b f, close the other valve, open the water pump. Backwashing, when the exhaust valve f water, close the discharge valve f, backwashing time will be subject to discharge water clean.
2, is wash steps: d first open the valve, close the valve b, open the valve 'a', close the valve c ( Pay attention to close the order, because the water pump is open, must ensure that water is a pathway, otherwise, the pipe is easy to crack leakage) , are washing time will be subject to clean water.
3, operation steps: e open the valve, close the valve d.
note: such as traffic or in and out of the reduced pressure difference at 0. 08 mpa, it requires backwashing and washing, backwashing and positive wash steps as above.
note: water pump or the pump before opening work, be sure to keep pipeline usually, to prevent the pump work, and the water pump pipe after a closing valves, which are water pump to burn out or pipe burst. Six, water purification equipment daily maintenance

1, when the water yield decrease or increase in and out of the water pressure difference, want to undertake to the sand filter backwashing, are washing operation, the running time should pay attention to observe the change in the flow of water or change of the differential pressure gauge, better in a timely manner, backwashing is washing operation. ( This also depends on the specific operation time and water and cleaning frequency oneself adjust according to the requirements of your company) 。
2, quartz sand, generally 2 - Replaced every three years, can also according to the actual situation change the extension of the replacement cycle.
3, if at the top of the bag filter pressure gauge pressure to zero. 30 mpa, so to clean or replace the filter bag.
4, dosing, 4. 5 kg shape of solid PAC is added to the 120 l of water ( 1 box) And then fill the medicine cabinet, the corresponding metering pump set to 2. 5 l / H。 PAC dispensing method, reagent respectively to add to a bucket, and then adding water while stirring. Dosing system can be adjusted according to the water quality situation
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