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Water purification machine granular activated carbon filter with the purpose of the flushing device

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-22
Activated carbon filter is a kind of filtering equipment, is the core component of the filter, it is mainly used in water purifiers, its life and industrial waste water has good filtering effect, plays a large role in wastewater treatment. Currently on the market of activated carbon filter is mostly the disposable use, also some filter through some commonly used methods of cleaning cleaning removed, for example, some people use detergent or other cleaner to clean the filter surface adsorption of dirt, but this approach not only is very troublesome, and improper cleaning pollution filter, some of it might damage the filter structure, blockage effect use of problem, therefore, provides a water purifier granular activated carbon filter washing device. Make the flusher and filter element is present in the water purifier work at the same time, the filter used for water purification, flushing device used to flush the filter regularly, to avoid the filter surface dirt deposition, do not need artificial cleaning and replacement, effectively solve the above problems. Water purification machine granular activated carbon filter with flushing device with pipeline structure, filter, ontology and flush valve pipe structure including director, inlet pipe and outlet pipe. A, a filter including, shell and the base of ontology. Tube at the inlet and outlet of the fixed seat and B fixed connection, top with the valve outlet pipe B B fixed connection, the fixed seat bottom fixed connection, activated carbon adsorption column active carbon adsorption column is set in the shell, activated carbon adsorption column connection with shell, shell inner wall fixed adsorption network connection.
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