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Water purification machine with PP cotton can be held in cleaning type filter is introduced

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-22
PP cotton filter can effectively remove the sediment in the water, rust, etc. , a wash, prevent blockage of PP cotton filter including polypropylene cotton shell, polypropylene cotton shell filled with polypropylene cotton, PP cotton shell bottom with outlet, polypropylene cotton shell above have an outer thread link, link center is equipped with the aqueduct. Water pipe has a number of hole, aqueduct into PP cotton, above link mechanism is equipped with a water inlet, water agencies including water body shell, water body shell and connecting ring threaded connection, the water body shell with mesh, mesh dock with the link. Increase in front of the PP cotton coarse filter mesh, can remove the link and removable water body shell, and the mesh filter material to remove and greatly improving the service life of the utility model, the aqueduct is decorated in the PP cotton, serious congestion, avoids the water inlet on the premise of guarantee, the filtered pollutants evenly distributed filtering effect as much as possible. Washes a kind of applicable to water purifiers anti clogging PP cotton filter, including PP cotton shell, P cotton shell filled with PP cotton, PP cotton shell bottom with outlet, PP cotton shell above fixed connection with external thread connection ring, aqueduct is set in the center of the link.
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