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Water purification pp filters

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21

water purification pp filters

water purification pp filter product introduction:

the filter of the main raw material of polypropylene filter. The filter of the pore density, uniformity, high filtration efficiency.
the particles for less than the channel to bai, filtration efficiency in the above.
at the same time, the filter itself spotlessness, no pollution to water quality.
the filter can be chemical reagents such as acid and alkali corrosion.
the core of strength, when the differential pressure filter import and export. The Mpa, filter deformation.
the filter price cheap, usually for the first level filter is a one-time use.

water purification pp filter technology parameters:

the filter filtration precision: um, um, um, um, um, um, um.
the length of the filter, inches and inches, inches and inches.
the connecting way of the filter:,, fin, butterfly.

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