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Water purifier filter element material structure and function introduction-[3M filter element]

by:Lvyuan      2021-02-22
Universal series filter u003cbru003e  A, PP cotton filter element,    polypropylene PP melt blown filter element, good stability, acid and alkali resistance, various filtration precision and size. PP cotton filter element can remove large suspended solids, rust, impurities, sludge, etc. in water. u003cbru003e  B, sintered activated carbon filter element   has various filtration precisions, and is professionally used in water treatment, pipeline and household water purifier filtration and purification treatment, good stability, acid and alkali resistance. It can remove chlorine, organic chemicals, odor, sludge, suspended particulates, etc. u003cbru003e  C, granular activated carbon filter cartridge    remove different colors, odors, chemical residues and organic pollution sources in the water. All materials use food grade materials that comply with US FDA regulations. u003cbru003e  D, ceramic filter    remove E. coli, cystic worm, dysentery, cholera, salmonella and other bacteria and viruses in water. When the water flow is low, the surface can be cleaned with a brush to restore the flow. u003cbru003e  E, hollow fiber membrane microfiltration, ultrafiltration, and nanofiltration cartridges have large water flux, good removal effect on fungi, suspended solids, and organic matter, high mechanical strength, and strong pollution resistance. The series of membranes can intercept substances of different molecular weights. u003cbru003e  F, high-performance resin filter    reduces bacteria in water, removes harmful calcium and magnesium ions that are easy to deposit in human body, and partially removes Ca2+ and Mg2+ plasma in water, and the effluent is free of scale u003cbru003e  G, various materials folded filter u003cbru003e  H, water purifier special filter u003cbru003e   molecular sieve filter element u003cbru003e  'Molecular sieve structure filter element' is a high degree of unity of material science, ecology, edge science and filtration technology-the combination of submicron microfiltration, molecular sieve broad-spectrum absorption and electrostatic dynamic adsorption allows harmful substances in tap water to be filtered out , The beneficial ingredients are retained. The water filtered through the 'molecular sieve filter element' is called 'healthy ecological water'. u003cbru003eThe structure and function of    molecular sieve filter element are as follows: u003cbru003e  1. Nano-scale submicron microfiltration structure. This is a microfiltration layer with a rated accuracy of 0.1 microns and an absolute accuracy of 0.4 microns, which can completely filter out harmful bacteria in the water. u003cbru003e  2. Molecular sieve 'broad spectrum' adsorption structure. It can efficiently adsorb various chemical pollutants such as pesticides, herbicides, industrial solvents, heavy metals, and odors and odors of various substances including chlorine. u003cbru003e  3. Electrostatic dynamic adsorption structure. It can capture the tiny particles that cannot be blocked by the microfiltration, and all kinds of ultra-fine harmful particles that can easily pass through the ordinary water purifier, will be captured here, and it is the last line of defense to protect your health.
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