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Water purifier filter replacement operation guide

by:Lvyuan      2022-05-22
At present, there are many types of water purifiers on the market, but their process accessories are similar. Generally, people will find that the water quality is not as good as before after purchasing a water purifier for a period of time, which is to remind everyone that they need to clean and replace the parts they have thought about. The filter element is the key to ensuring water quality, and users need to replace the filter element as appropriate according to the quality of the raw water and the use time. When you buy a new water purifier, usually the reverse osmosis membrane is already installed in the reverse osmosis membrane tube. After using it for a period of time, when you need to replace the reverse osmosis membrane of the water purifier, please replace it yourself according to the following procedures: Steps for replacing the filter element of the water purifier: 1. Close the water inlet electroplating ball valve and wait for about ten minutes. (Let the system depressurize) 2. Unscrew the nut joint on the right side of the membrane case by hand or tools, and pull out the water pipe. 3. Facing the machine, hold the membrane shell tightly with your left hand, and turn the end cover with your right hand. (If the rear activated carbon filter element above the reverse osmosis membrane tube hinders the operation of this step, it can be shifted slightly or pulled out entirely. If it is pulled out completely, the extra pipeline needs to be disassembled.) 4. Close the pressure tank Ball valve, unscrew the nut joint above it by hand or tool, and guide the water pipe into an empty bucket or sink. 5. Hold the reverse osmosis membrane tube tightly with your left hand, then clamp the old reverse osmosis membrane with pliers, and pull it out of the membrane shell forcefully. 6. Open the envelope of the new reverse osmosis membrane and take it out. 7. Insert the newly opened reverse osmosis membrane into the reverse osmosis membrane tube until the end of the two small black O-rings touches the bottom of the membrane shell. 8. Tighten the membrane cover in the same position as you open the membrane cover. 9. If necessary, adjust the connector to the rear of the machine in a clockwise (locking) direction. 10. Insert the water pipe and tighten the joint nut. (Don't forget to put the tube plug). 11. Open the electroplated ball valve. 12. Let the pure water machine run for more than two hours, after the system enters the normal water production state, then connect the water pipe to the pressure bucket ball valve and open the pressure bucket ball valve. This completes the entire replacement process.
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