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Water quality is not very stable, such as river upstream rainstorm weather please use processing filter

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21
Stream processors generally points purification and filtration and purification of water treatment:

1, the purification treatment mainly through of suspended solids in the river, sediment, and organic impurities such as processing, to achieve water standard, used for drinking, industrial cleaning requirements is not high, such as water, generally USES the flocculation sedimentation, quartz sand filter, precision filter, disinfection treatment.

( 1) My company production of water purification filters, covers an area of less, easy installation.

( 2) Automatic operation. In addition to the management of the pump and dosing system

( 3) Strong adaptability, the effluent water quality is stable, reliable, enough water, the source water turbidity is as high as 3000 mg/L, the water turbidity can be stable under 3 mg/L, tap water turbidity standard.

( 4) Cost of water, purify 1 m3 of water costs only 0. 19 yuan ( Taking an example of 100 t/H) Differ with tap water and deep well water more than 1 yuan, the economic benefit is remarkable.
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