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Water softener ( Demineralized water equipment) Regeneration and daily maintenance

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21
Water softener is also called the softened water equipment, mainly to remove the magnesium ions in the water, prevent calcium and magnesium compounds in boiler, and pipe scale, often used in boiler make-up water treatment, circulating cooling water supply, water treatment chemical ingredients, food industry, chemical industry and so on all walks of life, washer USES gf, but as a common and important water treatment equipment, do daily maintenance is an important guarantee of extending the service life of the demineralized water equipment! Demineralized water equipment daily maintenance to do well, and the maintenance of the equipment is mainly run maintenance and maintenance after the outage. For operation and maintenance work of the softened water equipment, mainly do the following:
1, guarantee the stability of the input voltage and current, prevent burning electric control device. External electric control device should be installed seal cover, prevent moisture and water. To salt and solid particles in the salt (on a regular basis It is forbidden to add salt and iodized salt) , must ensure that the salt in the salt solution in the supersaturated state. Add salt to pay attention to don't will spill salt into the solid particles in the brine well, prevent the valve in salt salt bridge, on block salt absorption line. Due to solid particle salt containing a certain amount of impurities, a large number of impurities will deposit in the bottom part of salt, salt block valve, so regular cleaning of salt department at the bottom of the impurities. When cleaning can open the salt department of the drain valve at the bottom, until the impurities out, wash with water, salt box cleaning cycle should be based on solid particles to determine the content of impurities of salt.
2, check the tightness of jet flow, and salt absorption line, to prevent air leakage and influence the regeneration effect.
3, water softener to remove once a year, clean up and down the water, and the impurities inside the quartz sand cushion layer, and check the wastage and exchange capacity of the resin, replacing aging serious resin, resin can be used for iron poisoning hydrochloric acid solution for recovery.
in view of the demineralized water equipment downtime and maintenance, it is necessary for him to do the following signs:
demineralized water equipment before stopping for a long time, deal with resin to make a full regeneration, will be wet type resin into sodium maintenance. Outage in the summer, should be at least a month to have a wash, water softener to prevent exchange tank breeding microorganism and make the resin mold, agglomerate. If you find resin mold, sterilization process can be performed. Generally with 1% formaldehyde solution soak for several hours, then rinse until formaldehyde-free stink. Winter outage should be anti-freezing measures to prevent resin water burst caused by freezing resin, resin can be stored in the salt water solution, the concentration of salt water according to the temperature conditions for preparation.
as softened water equipment, commonly used to soften the tank with stainless steel materials and glass fiber reinforced plastic materials, glass fiber reinforced plastic is to finalize the design of tank, feeding and discharging are feeding and discharge valve interface, so the internal maintenance is extremely convenient, for my company in the production of stainless steel water softener and carbon steel lining plastic water softener, appearance atmosphere, long service life, said the pressure is strong, the final is to maintain convenient, we design the soft water appliances have don't have to remove the control valve can be maintained, which has greatly helped the customer maintenance work, such as replacement of filter material decreased because of remove control valves, valve damage that caused the loss caused by the breakage of the fittings and pipes, so got a great promotion in water treatment.
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