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Water softener design technology

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21
Also known as softened water equipment, water softener is commonly used in water treatment equipment, generally USES the quartz sand filter, activated carbon filter and so on as the image preprocessing, through ion exchange to remove the calcium and magnesium ions in the water.
1, the principle of water softener
water softener is a kind of operation process of ion exchange and regeneration water softener, using sodium type cation exchange resin to remove calcium and magnesium ions in water, reduce the raw water hardness. The purpose of the
by reducing hardness to avoid carbonate scaling phenomenon in pipe, container, boiler. Greatly save investment cost and can ensure production run smoothly. Currently has been widely used in all kinds of steam boiler, hot water boiler, heat exchanger, condenser, air conditioning, direct-fired machine equipment and system such as the cycle of supply water.

1 soft water control, manual operation, by manually adjust eight valve in the tank, to run,, backwashing and regeneration, the valve can be manual butterfly valve or ball valve, regulate traffic, through the jet device in 20% of the salt water and pipe water into the pipe after ratio to 4%, sodium, calcium and magnesium ions on ion exchange resin.
2, automatic operation, the commonly used automatic control head has the rich lake brand and arturo progenitor, set or set flow regeneration time, when reach the set value, automatic backwashing renewable, clean, and then began to run.
water softener equipment characteristics:
1, water softener, automatic control, continuous water production, easy to operate, safe and reliable.
2, water softener, strong adaptability, high hardness water 30 rrlmol/L or less, a residual hardness can be soften to 0 or less 03 Mr 'ol/L. Stable water quality, running off with low. Cover an area of an area small. Don't need another salt pond, salt pump and pressure dissolved salt, saving investment. It in and out of the water and power supply is connected, you can switch on water production. Investment saving 50% compared with similar products, energy saving 30%, save water by 60%.
automatic softener
the main control parameters of water softener parameters include the processing, salt consumption, higher work pressure, velocity, resin layer.
automatic softener definition: ion exchange method is the use of exchangeable cation ion exchange resin ( Such as Na, H) , contain the water exchange of Ca, Mg, Ca, Mg, reduce the water content, a process known as water softening, equipment used by ion exchanger, also known as a water softener.
automatic softener USES
automatic soft water is used in high hardness water softening, living hot water pretreatment of raw water softening, life straight drinking water device, boiler water softening of water supplement and all kinds of heat exchanger, automatic water softener used in air conditioning system of circulating cooling water softening treatment, etc.
the water softener regeneration cycle count
water softener regeneration from completely to the failure of the next water rate, the value and working exchange capacity of the resin, resin filling quantity, the hardness of raw water, and the working conditions of softener. This value must monitor in operation. The general estimation method is as follows: the cycle water rate ( m3) = resin filling amount ( L) X resin exchange capacity ( 摩尔/升) Present all the hardness, mg/LCaCO3) X = 50 regeneration cycle cycle water rate present rated water yield resin exchange capacity ( mol/L) For the fixed value 1. 2 mol/L you the selection of the controller is not correct, because it's each switching cycle is only about six hours, you can adjust the best configuration, choose one with a way for work.
automatic soft water equipment is a kind of operation and regeneration process automatic control of the ion exchange water softener, users need only every few days you consume a regeneration with salt, can automatically producing qualified demineralized water for a long time. Main technical parameters: water softener work stress 0. 15 - 0. 6, it is suitable for raw water total hardness of 10 or less me/L, conform to the GB1576 low pressure boiler water quality standards.
water softener original parameters:
water data: river water, lake water and sea water, urban tap water, groundwater, water quality
material: calcium, magnesium, iron, potassium, sodium, root, root of carbonate and bicarbonate, chloride, chlorine gas, oxygen, suspended solids, organic matter, etc.
soft water use: boilers, reverse osmosis, industrial water and domestic water.
water quality, water hardness requirements.
water: water per hour maximum water yield, total water yield, one day at a time of continuous running.
working environment: water temperature, water pressure and rear equipment and site area.
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