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Water softener operational process and maintenance

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21
There are two commonly used soft water softener technology, one kind is through ion exchange resin to remove the calcium and magnesium ions in the water, reduce water hardness. Another is nanocrystalline TAC technology, namely the Template Asisted Crystallization ( Module secondary crystallization) , the use of nanocrystalline produce high-energy, put the water dissociation of calcium, magnesium and bicarbonate ions into nano-sized crystals, to prevent the free ions generated scale. Soft water compared with tap water, there is a sharp taste and handle, soft water high oxygen content, hardness is low, which can effectively prevent lithiasis, lighten the burden of heart, kidney, is good for health. A

1, water softener, the main characteristics. A high degree of automation, stable working condition of water supply, service life is long, the entire automatic, only regular salt, without human intervention.
  2. High efficiency and low energy consumption, operation cost the economy.
  3. Equipment reasonable compact structure, convenient operation and maintenance, cover an area of an area small, investment saving.
  4. Ease of use, installation, commissioning, operation simple, easy to control unit performance is stable, but users solve the trouble back at home.
2, water softener workflow
work ( Sometimes called water production, hereinafter the same) , backwashing, suck salt ( Regeneration) Flushing, slow ( Replacement) , quick wash five process. All the working procedure is very close to different softening water equipment, just due to the needs of different or control of actual process, there may be some additional process. Any based on sodium ion exchange softening water equipment is on the basis of the five process development ( Among them, the automatic softening water equipment can increase the brine refill process) 。

overweight reasons center tube with a control valve failure to form a junction of O ring seal, should check at this time:
l center tube length is enough, outside diameter is in line with the requirements of
l forget to pack O ring
l O ring was damaged
b center pipe damaged, has a crack.
c water supply TDS value with the resin layer height ratio is too large.
d water supply TDS value with the ratio of resin exchange capacity is big.
e out against.
3, water softener, common problems and analysis the reason
a water supply TDS value with the resin layer height or the ratio of resin exchange capacity is big. Compared with the new resin first testing the waters, in the more strict requirements on water supply TDS value with soft water equipment, when the resin layer height is 1. 5 meters, total hardness is 13 tendency for L, feed the TDS value ≧ 900 mg/L, to ensure that the soft water hardness is 0 or less. 03 tendency/L will be more difficult.
b resin poisoning, resin exchange capacity decrease caused by aging. This kind of causes of excessive soft water hardness is a gradual process, not suddenly appeared obviously exceeds bid.
c salt in the box too little salt. When the salt in water is normal, but the height of the salt was less than the 1/3 of the height of the water, brine on absorb the mid-late salt steps may be unsaturated, caused by the jet of diluted brine concentration below the specification of the regeneration effect regeneration effect.
d salt box of total water too little, our experience is resin tank per 100 l resin, the salt water is about 35 - in box 40 l, much lower than the standard would trigger regeneration is not sufficient.
e absorbency too slow, in the normal period of time, not to inhale enough brine, the reasons are as follows:
l feed pressure too low
2 cloth up and down the water and sediment and other sundry bumper-to-bumper
3 waste water hose deformation and bending caused by draining wastewater in
4 too many impurities in the resin layer
5 vacuum salt on the pipeline leak, the air inhaled
6 jet in some foreign body
7 air check valve failure, early closed or blocked
8 small jet device selection
9, resin jar there are a lot of gas, the gas may brought the water from the air, or slow air check valve closed washing process is lax.
10 unused large non-iodized salt.
11 internal control valve leakage hard: general control valve internal leakage hard, often appear soft water and waste water mouth water at the same time, but for 64 d and 74 a series, may through the ceramic piece on the formation of leakage of holes, if it is within this leakage, a positive rinse position, can be detected in mouth of wastewater qualified water softening, but to run the position, soft water hardness.
4, water softener, choose
1. If for cost savings can be selected according to situation type manual control water softener.
  2. 24 hours of continuous water could be selected according to water time alternation of regeneration, a case of a fully automatic water softener.
  3. According to the water quality requirements: level of configurable medium filter, used to remove the water and sediment, rust, colloid and suspended matter; Secondary configurable activated carbon filter, used to remove the pigment in the water, odor, biochemical organic matter, reduce the value of the residual chlorine in water and pesticide pollution; Level 3 configuration water softener.
  4. Water softener water quality meet the national low pressure boiler feed water standard.
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