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Water treatment and environmental protection industry advertising ban words together

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21
I query on baidu, the following words is used in the advertising in the environmental protection water treatment, hope to help peers:
shall not be used for 'national', 'top', 'best', such as language, has published on the Internet 'extreme words' are the extension of this item, and did not appear in formal regulations, specifications, now we aimed at these 'extreme language' as the following sort:
A, absolutely cannot be used for propaganda words is:
( 1) With 'country' word such as: national, national product, fill the domestic blank, world class, etc. ;
( 2) With the 'most' word, such as: the highest and best, largest and best, maximum, minimum, the most, the most, the cheapest, the latest, the first and the most advanced, the greatest degree, the most popular, etc; Such as 'the cheapest filter manufacturer', 'one of the most popular water treatment company' and so on, can't use.
( 3) With a nature words such as 'first' for the first, the only, the first ( 不。 1 Top1) , the first brand, unique, unique, unprecedented, unprecedented, the ultimate, cut sales champion, leader of the brand, etc.
( 4) With 'first' words such as: first, the first and preferred;
B, advice, do not use the word is:
( 1) The latest science, new technology, the most advanced science, the most advanced processing technology, the most fashionable, etc;
( 2) Top, top, top technology, acura, acme, etc. ;
( 3) The world's leading, global start, national first, so start, exclusive, etc;
( 4) Gold, famous brand, ace, absolute, accurate, excellent, permanent and head, universal, etc;
if your web site, WeChat, Posting ads have such words, please delete as soon as possible.
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