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Water treatment engineer conference will be opened in guangzhou in south China

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21
It is reported, March 5, 2013 will be held in the same period '2013 guangzhou international water week' 'water treatment engineer conference' in south China, the main purpose is to explore the cooperation between enterprises, water treatment equipment company for water treatment equipment company cooperation and exchange between universities, research institutions and create conditions to explore south China papermaking water treatment, electroplating pure water equipment, food and pure water equipment, printing and dyeing water reuse, tanning wastewater treatment, chemical pharmaceutical pure water equipment, filters and other key industries of water treatment technology, for water treatment engineers to understand new technology, new information to provide effective platform.
as the country is becoming more and more attention to the ecological civilization construction, environmental protection industry to flourish, new technology, new knowledge constantly emerging, the traditional silly silly coarse environmental protection engineering, process have been unable to meet the market demand for environmental protection industry, environmental protection industry is bound in the direction of the high precision excellent development, between market environment makes the environmental protection enterprises, by pure competition evolved into complementary advantages of partnership. And environmental protection between enterprises and universities, research institutions, also should strengthen the communication, to create opportunities for further cooperation and communication.
in south China is the important base for light industry, sugar, paper, salt, canned, textile, ceramic, tea and other industries, occupies an important position in the whole country, mechanical industry and heavy industry such as chemical industry after years of construction, also formed a certain foundation. But, but rapid economic growth, but also brings a series of environmental problems, environmental pressure region becomes more and more serious.
'twelfth five-year' is the golden age in the development of environmental protection industry, water treatment industry, such as quartz sand filter, activated carbon filter, many media filters, mechanical filters, disinfection equipment and so on the environmental protection industry is an important part of production units, but also faces enormous challenges and opportunities. How to understand the new technology of water treatment in time, the new information, not only for water treatment engineer itself test of professional skills, but also affect water treatment companies can emerge in the spring tide of environmental protection industry development of important factors.
we filter the source water treatment equipment co. , LTD. ( www。 571年水。 com) Is a professional water treatment, electroplating pure water equipment, food and pure water equipment, printing and dyeing water reuse, water treatment equipment of the preprocessing system such as quartz sand filter, activated carbon filter, water softener tank is the company's production, has the very good price advantage, hope and companies in south China, many communication study, make up for each other, common development, at the same time for the south China region to provide quality of various filter tank.
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