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Water treatment industry of e-commerce to explore

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21
Before is to recruit a large number of salesman, zoning, sweeping the customer, such not only the high cost, business travel, subsidies, salary, and so on, if from the beginning to develop a new person to a real businessman, at least six months of training, but this time the company to pay people to operate. And now, with the popularity of the promotion of electronic commerce and computer, the rise of the Internet company baidu promotion, baidu optimization, optimization, Google baidu as our first major search engine giant, is, indeed, have the effect, now enterprises from all walks of life to more and more attention to the electronic commerce, the traditional sales model to be toppled over.
we filter the source water treatment equipment co. , LTD. , in addition to the cooperation with baidu, do baidu promotion, we also cooperation and promote union network company, they are responsible for our website redesign optimization, and then on the other website ranking, does have some effect. You feel right now like clothing, daily necessities such as fast-moving consumer goods through the electronic commerce is more, so can the water treatment industry for electronic commerce? As the water treatment industry for many years struggle, we can clearly tell you, can! The following is we share our little experience.

1, good at using the new platform of e-commerce development in just a few years time, technology updates and changes very fast, so if you want to accomplish something in the field of e-commerce, the use is critical for emerging platform. In addition to the traditional domain, enterprise website, enterprise post office, other systems such as mall, podcasts, wikis, blogs, online customer service, baidu post bar and other new technology and knowledge is also very critical. In addition, there are the website administrator analysis system, the network advertisement effect some tools such as monitoring system, through the accumulation of these years, there are a lot of action
2, e-commerce marketing model
why is e-commerce marketing model, we mainly is to prevent the low price competition, it is analysis:
when it comes to e-commerce, B2B and B2C, more people can think of is how much sales performance, but often overlooked, e-commerce after a tool or process, and the sales target is the result; We need to focus on is the result of the process but not simple. In the process of sales will inevitably exist some deformation. Such as malicious price dumping, completely personally to recommend products not to recommend products to customers, consulting metaphor a user quartz sand filter, such as calculated according to the standard to 1000 mm in diameter, in order to lower prices, then recommend the customer to use the 900 mm diameter or smaller, therefore, we are paying attention to the performance of electronic commerce, more attention is on the company's brand image of ascension, for sales and bring the role of the KPI index and assessment, and, of course, not be more than marketing sales representative e-commerce sales targets, in our view, for the purpose of sales target of e-commerce is difficult to long-term success.
a point on the above is our e-commerce experience, hope to help everyone.
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