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Water treatment industry will usher in a historic opportunity for discussion and analysis

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21
On August 24, state council executive meeting to study by the national groundwater pollution prevention and control planning, the meeting stressed to protect groundwater resources, groundwater pollution prevention and control work on the important agenda of the people's governments at various levels, put forward of severely affect the groundwater pollution in cities and towns, improve the urban living sewage treatment and back powerusageeffectiveness, the pipe network system, to strengthen the construction of landfill and governance, etc. , is expected to 'twelfth five-year' period, our country sewage disposal accumulative total investment will reach 1. 06 trillion yuan. On the news, in the broader market yesterday strong trend, under the support of environmental water stocks across the red. The personage inside course of study thinks, as sewage disposal policy developed during the period of 'twelfth five-year' environmental protection plate of the listed companies will have structured opportunities.
according to the ministry data showed that 90% of our country urban groundwater from different level of organic and inorganic pollution of poisonous and harmful pollutants. In addition, in recent years by the ministry of land and resources survey, 40% of the city groundwater quality also is getting worse and worse. The personage inside course of study to estimate, 'twelfth five-year' period, the sewage treatment capacity needs to increase 67% to meet the needs of the sewage filtering processing. Huge demand gap determines the sewage treatment will continue to support from the policy.
a securities analyst Gu Jing said, 'twelfth five-year' sewage treatment planning mainly includes two aspects. On the one hand, the nation's urban sewage treatment, on the other hand is the construction of recycling facilities. At the same time, the construction of the new standard and new existing sewage treatment plant and sewage treatment plant for DiBiao upgraded, will be around the 'twelfth five-year' period and the main task of sewage treatment. In the construction of sewage treatment plant and DiBiao capacity upgrade and reclaimed water reuse has technical advantages in the focus of the enterprise will be subject to policy support.
the attention to water pollution governance only countries to support a miniature of the environmental protection industry. The indications are that environmental protection industry has become our country through the means such as finance, tax priority support object.
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