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Water treatment science and technology from Shanghai

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21
Amsterdam in the Netherlands international water treatment show will be held on June 6-8 was held in Shanghai world expo exhibition hall. Although there has been no formal opening, but the rare 'global water industry event' has long been a sensation in the industry. In the expo exhibition hall, in addition to the exhibition strauss and haier strauss is actively, other domestic and foreign brand booth preparations are in place. The high-end water purification exhibition, will undoubtedly bring to the Chinese market and consumers a new water agitation
the AQUATECH international my attracted Israel strauss, haier strauss, GE, Siemens, dow chemical, filter the source water treatment, water industry giants, more WQA international well-known organization such as positive response. High-end brand, the first-class technology, innovative products, at the Shanghai world expo exhibition pavilion to outshine each other.
has always been committed to the development of household water purification solutions strauss group, the participation of science and technology bring clean water MAZE of advanced water purification technology field. At home under the situation of water environment in jeopardy, MAZE technique can effectively remove the water harmful material while retaining the function of the beneficial minerals, get industry expert's consistent affirmation.
in addition, strauss focus on user experience and provide consumer business model, the solution has been in the industry. 'Our business model and the existing water purification machine company sales equipment is different, we use the membership form and users to establish a higher viscosity customer relationship, including installation, replacement of filter, machine cleaning, regular inspection and accessory products, such as after-sales service, the traditional business model is to sell products, and we provide the overall solution. 'Strauss water purification equipment, general manager of greater China Guo Chao said ms.
in recent years, with deterioration of water environment and the strengthening of public awareness of safe drinking water, low-end products in recent years began to presents the negative growth trend, the market gradually to the high-end water purification market transition. According to statistics, high-end water purification equipment in recent years, almost to the growth of 100%. MAZE, strauss group, it is on this as a water purification technology and water solution concept is introduced into China as a whole.
visited also at the scene of the structures of exhibition, the display area of 50000 square meters, with more than 1000 brands from more than 30 countries. Both booth decoration and advertising, the exhibition scale, technology content is unprecedented, the international water, it seems that the battle between industry giants.
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