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Website optimization methods in water treatment field

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21
Now many enterprises through the network marketing to sell their own products, water treatment industry, too, through to the enterprise website keyword optimization, through website in baidu or Google search to find, so as to promote the sale of our products, achieve the purpose of sales, I from below website, and website optimization website optimization method separately.
first, in building a website, for on-site optimization solutions are mainly within the chain management, content changes, theme planning, changes in the larger point is the whole website version! Site optimization is the most important updates and changes about according to demand changes to station key words, page layout, details such as the content topic for processing! Key to optimize our website, pay attention to the following:
1, seize the main keywords
the first thing we have to do is launch page, and then to the design of this page, so there is planning, planning first determine the site keywords suggest 3 to 5. And then finalise target keywords, is the primary key. We will be around this two or three main keywords. As we have a lot of water treatment industry, such as water reuse, reverse osmosis equipment, sewage treatment equipment, sewage treatment engineering, and so on, this will determine according to the main product of our company.

2, determine site auxiliary keywords is selected, the main keywords in this spread out on the basis of auxiliary words. Owners can according to the baidu index. ( Is the input keywords, below will show the relevant keywords. ) These keywords can be as a candidate of our secondary keywords, and then set yourself know about this industry listed a few keywords, a total of 5 - 15 or so, the final screen, generally choose 3 - Five line, do not need too much, if you feel difficult to choose his own, can use baidu index search volume to support key words.
3, selected important target keywords
in the website main keywords and auxiliary words are chosen, experienced network editor will select a sort these keywords, because after a long period of observation, think search engines will order from beginning to end judgment and defines the weight of each keyword, and web site's main keyword is ranked first, auxiliary keyword Suggestions according to the search engine's index to determine the order, everything is ready, you can begin to site content added, the content inside as far as possible in our target keywords, believe that as long as the owners to do earnestly, there must be a harvest.
4, we, too, to pay attention to the observation of keywords
we want to work with, you first need to collect daily and focus on the related search section, see the relevant search term fastest rising of the industry, and we need dialectical to capture the key words.
this is our website optimization of little experience, also thanks to xuan alliance network company to our company's support and technical guidance, now we are to share the experience with you, hope to help everyone website optimization.
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