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Whales save 1 tons of plastic waste in the stomach of thinking

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-25
This week the international whaling commission ( IWC) Meeting, biological experts issued a research report pointed out that in the stranded whale stomach death, found hundreds of kilograms and 1 tons of plastic waste, shocking.
as a result, I think of human beings, although we will have no plastic garbage in the human stomach, but our people realized that the enrichment of various heavy metals, although content is small, one who is, won't feel, don't show the phenomenon of poisoning, but over time, the body slowly adapted to the existence of heavy metals, which day, perhaps, our body heavy metal exceeds bid badly, like whales 1 tons of plastic waste is stored in the stomach, is terrible.
so we should protect the environment, don't happen in the whale's happens in humans.
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