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What advantage ozone sterilizer

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21
Drinking pure water system, we often use ozone sterilization, because of the high ozone sterilization efficiency continuously, and continuous sterilization, the remaining ozone and through its decomposed into oxygen, won't cause harm to human body, let's talk about what are the advantages of ozone sterilizer: 1, broad-spectrum efficient

the execution of the ministry of health in 2002 version of 'technical standard for disinfection, ozone is a kind of broad-spectrum efficient fungicides. Can kill bacteria breeding and spore, viruses, fungi, etc. , and can damage the botulinum toxin. Experiments show that ozone for almost all bacteria, viruses, mold, fungi and protozoa, egg capsule has obvious effect of inactivated. Sterilization quickly

2, sterilization time, ozone has common sterilization methods unparalleled speed, tests show that ozone sterilization speed is 300 - chlorine 600 times, 3000 times of ultraviolet light.

3, green environmental protection in our country's GMP authentication, has a comprehensive introduction on ozone: 'ozone ( 03) Ozone disinfection principle is: in the molecular structure of normal temperature and pressure is not stable, decomposed into oxygen by itself (soon 02) And a single atom of oxygen ( 0) ; Which has strong activity, with strong bacteria oxidation, the oxidation decomposition of ozone bacteria necessary internal oxidation of glucose enzyme, undermining its cell membranes, kill it, excess oxygen atoms will be on their own to become a normal oxygen molecules ( 02) , there are no toxic residue, therefore calls clean disinfectant, it not only for all kinds of bacteria ( Including hepatitis b virus, escherichia coli, pseudomonas aeruginosa and miscellaneous bacterium, etc. ) Have strong ability to kill, and to kill the mold is also very effective. '
the application of ozone disinfection sterilization in native Chinese traditional medicine powder
to modernize the traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), comprehensively enhance the level of Chinese native medicine preparation, is the national' tenth five-year plan of science and technology in the task are put forward. At present, the production quality control of TCM has become a bottleneck problem of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) modernization realization, and health index of control is to ensure that the proprietary Chinese medicine, especially in the quality of the powder medicine preparations of Chinese medicine is one of the key issues.
the current widely used method of high temperature sterilization for disinfection depends on the thermal effect, easy to change or affect the inside of the traditional Chinese medicine active ingredients and medicinal properties, so for most of thermal, containing volatile oil composition of powder is not suitable for. At the same time because of the 'hot' and 'wet' problem, is not convenient for operation and the layout of the production process. As a Chinese medicine powder in the production process of sterilization by many restrictions. In recent years, some enterprises begin to use 60 co radiation sterilization method, drugs can cause vitamin, color change, stale, and may even lead to decreasing efficacy and induce carcinogenic substances.
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