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What are the basic characteristics of the wound filter element?

by:Lvyuan      2022-01-19
The wound filter element is different from the pleated filter element and the melt blown filter element. Its structure is unique. It uses textile fiber material to wind on the skeleton to form a wound filter element, and its filtration accuracy is controlled according to the winding density. In terms of structural design, the pore size of the wound filter element is large outside and small inside, which makes it have a more prominent effect in deep filtration. The process of making a wound filter element is not complicated, and it is mainly made by winding textile fiber yarns with filtering properties on a porous skeleton. There are many kinds of materials for these yarns, and the common ones mainly include three kinds, namely polypropylene fiber, absorbent cotton fiber and acrylic fiber. When the yarn is wound on the skeleton, the thin density and tightness of the yarn can be changed to produce winding filter elements with different precision. This kind of deep filtration filter element is generally aimed at the filtration of water quality with less impurities and low particle content. The structure of the wire-wound filter element is designed into a honeycomb form with sparse outside and dense inside, thereby ensuring its function and advantages in removing suspended solids, impurities, particulates and other impurities in the liquid, and it also shows its own product characteristics and properties. Like many water filter elements, wound filter elements are used in many industries and fields. Common ones include: ① Food and beverage processing industry, such as mineral water, syrup, alcohol, edible oil, etc. ②Pharmaceutical processing industry, such as alcohol, pharmaceutical water, injection, tetracycline liquid and other liquid medicines. ③Petroleum and chemical industries, such as common cosmetics, medicines, chemicals, inks, coatings, acrylic raw materials and many other aspects. ④Electronic processing industry, such as electroplating, printed circuit boards, etc. ⑤Industrial oil, such as hydraulic oil, lubricating oil, cutting oil and other industrial oils. The main advantages of the wire-wound filter element are embodied: 1. The wire-wound filter element adopts a good design concept and adopts a small inner and a large pore size to form a good filtering effect; 2. The filtration accuracy is relatively high, and there is no secondary pollution, and its service life has been extended to a certain extent; 3. The wire-wound filter element can wind a variety of materials on the skeleton, and different materials have their own filtration effects and filtration accuracy. Different, for the liquid that needs to be filtered, the winding filter element of the corresponding material is used for filtering, so that the filtering can achieve incredible results.
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