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What are the cleaning methods of PP pleated filter element?

by:Lvyuan      2022-06-25
PP pleated filter element is a new type of filter element commonly used in water treatment filter elements. In the process of using PP pleated filter element, we should not only do a good job in the maintenance and maintenance of PP pleated filter element, but also know when the PP pleated filter element is polluted. its cleaning method. In the daily cleaning of the PP pleated filter element, we generally choose the physical cleaning method. Physical cleaning is divided into the following three different methods: 1. Backwashing: that is, the cleaning water enters from the ultrafiltration port of the filter element and passes through the filter element, flushing To the side of the concentration port, the reverse flushing method can be used to effectively remove the covering surface, but special attention should be paid to the back flushing to prevent overpressure, to prevent the filter element from being broken or damage the sealing and bonding surface. 2. Isobaric flushing: that is, close the ultrafiltration water valve, open the concentrated water outlet valve, and flush the surface of the filter element by increasing the flow rate. This method is very useful for removing many soft impurities on the surface of the filter element. 3. High-purity water cleaning: As the purity of the water increases, the solubility is enhanced. When cleaning, you can first use ultra-filtered water to wash off the loose dirt on the filter element surface, and then use pure water to circulate and clean. When the PP folded filter element is seriously polluted and cannot be recovered by physical cleaning, it must be cleaned with a chemical cleaning agent. The method is to use chemicals to chemically react with impurities on the surface of the filter element to achieve the purpose of cleaning the filter element. There are also principles for the selection of chemicals in the chemical cleaning process of the PP pleated filter element. First, it cannot react chemically with other materials of the filter element and components; second, the selected drugs prevent secondary pollution.
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