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What are the main advantages of high-flow water filter cartridges?

by:Lvyuan      2022-01-29
Why can a large flow water filter element solve so many filtration problems? The large flow water filter element is liked by the majority of manufacturers and users, mainly because its advantages are very obvious, and the main advantages include the following six aspects. The six main advantages of a large flow water filter element: 1. The beta value of the filter element is more than 1000. 2. The filter element is durable, and the filter can be configured in the least and economical way. 3. Allow high-flow media to pass through the filter material, which has the advantages of high efficiency, low pressure loss and long life. 4. Multiple filter elements can be installed in the filter housing, and a wide range of flow can be used, which can be used regardless of startup or continuous operation. 5. There is a pp support frame inside the filter element, which can withstand a pressure difference of 0.245MPa at most. 6. The outer inlet and inner outlet structure of the large flow filter element makes it easy to replace the filter element, while keeping the pollutants blocked on the outside of the filter element. After understanding the main advantages of the high-flow water filter element, what are its characteristics and performance? The main features of the large flow water filter element: 1. The large flow filter element can resist corrosion and has excellent corrosion resistance. 2. It is extremely convenient to replace and clean the high-flow filter element. 3. The high-quality Senjie filter large flow filter element can ensure sufficient flow capacity in a long time. 4. The filtration accuracy of the large flow filter element meets the predetermined requirements (1-50 microns). 5. The high-flow filter element has sufficient strength and will not be damaged due to the action of hydraulic pressure.
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