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What are the methods of use microporous folded water filter?

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-22
Routine, the use of microporous folded filter water main is divided into two kinds, respectively is a filter disinfection sterilization ways and folded filter, in and out of the flow to identify so how these two approaches are for? What effect does it have to daily work?

mode, a filter disinfection sterilization.

make full use of disinfection cabinet disinfection sterilization, will filter out from the plastic bags, placed in disinfection cabinet disinfection sterilization thirty minutes under 121 ℃;

don't remove the disinfection kill, a filter installed in the correct manner within the filter ( Fixed plate and the filter element 0 apart. 5毫米) , steam for 30 minutes.

2, fold filter in and out of the flow identification.

folded filter in general are outside pressure, the water by the filter element inside out, outside is recoil according to different direction.

microporous folded filter membrane as the core part of the film folding filter, confirm the membrane filter material, the polypropylene without weaving ( Network) After folding, points as a guide and support, insert the center pipe, into a shell, each position are taking no adhesive for hot melt welding process;

sealing of complete integrated filter core, no chemical pollutants, products adopt high integrity test.
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