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What are the precautions for choose water filter?

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-22
About the use of water filter USES has a lot of, but water filter for different industries and situation, applied to different features. So, in order to better the water filter is applied to the work, we should how to choose the water filter?

choose the performance of a water filter, main consideration bubble point, the differential pressure flow characteristic, precision and environmental carrying capacity, strength of several indicators, bubble point pressure value should not be less than 90% of the bubble point pressure value of the filter material, the differential pressure flow characteristic.

when the oil temperature at 30 ℃, rated pressure difference of 0. 15 mpa, state of fluid for the standard air, rated differential pressure should be 200 pa accuracy is an important standard stainless steel folded filter, determines whether it can achieve its purpose.

in complete enough guarantee filter structure, precision depends on the precision of the filter material. Carrying amount refers to accommodate the amount of pollutants, the filter can intercept pollutants, but cannot be removed from the system directly, pollutants can only stay in filter inside;

element of the pollutant capacity equal to the carrying amount and filter area, per unit area, the product of it and filter the operation of the actual use of differential pressure.

strength guaranteed by stainless steel folding filter's skeleton, enough strength filter deformation when using, no damage, no filter material falls off phenomenon.

fluid pressure intensity refers to the work time can withstand the fluid pressure drop, usually no more than the internal leak test pressure. Axial load intensity is can accept normal assembly and disassembly force will not deform the filter.

and fatigue strength is refers to the work, filter shock, vibration, flow pulse fatigue resistance etc.
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