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What are the typical features of shallow sand filter

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21
Shallow sand filter, also called automatic shallow sand filter, shallow quartz sand filter, the system is composed of ChanGuo and more standard the sand cylinder unit, its internal has a unique water distribution and collection of water, has a unique two-way automatic flush valve, which can realize the normal system operating under multiple standards high-speed cylinder one by one single back flush, automatic process control. According to the different requirements of customers, with vertical and horizontal two series. Applicable to industrial and civil fantasy water treatment of water systems.
a, what are the typical features of shallow sand filter?
1。 Small volume, easy to install, save a space.
2。 Equipment anticorrosion performance is good, long service life.
3。 Water filter, filtering effect is good
rapid filtration velocity, normal filter speed can be approximately 40 m/h, according to the water quality can reach 60 m/h; Filter backwashing water by product, and don't have to set a booster pump and backwashing pump; Backwashing lasted 2 - 3 min, backwashing water & lt; 3m3。
filter system is composed of standard unit sand cylinder, filtering flow from 30. 6 cubic meters/hour to 2500 cubic meters/hour.
4。 Automatic backwash: the equipment is automatic backwash by intelligent control system identification and control, without human intervention, even if the suspended solids in water fluctuation, the device can automatically adapt to.
5。 Adopt unique cloth and captation
because of the filtering system unique water distribution system and distribution is very uniform header makes in the filtering process flow is laminar flow, sand filtration bed flat flat all the time, in the process of filtering the effluent is stable.
6。 Adopts refined selection of quartz sand or garnet as filter medium
to choose according to the water quality situation, filter material particle size minimum 0. 16 mm homogeneous liao
7. Operating costs low for a long time, save electricity, save water, save maintenance cost.
save electricity: system has the unique automatic back flush valve, sand filtering tank back flush is not at the same time, but when the system is running normally, each take turns back flush, don't need to consider the backwash water pump set. Compared with other sand filtration equipment at the same time, the need to filter water pump head low 6 - 7m。
save water: system because of its unique hydrating and catchment, unified specification tanks, makes the backwash without compressed air can make the expansion of the medium layer is very uniform, effectively backwash. Backwash water is used in the filtration of the clean water, so the consumption of backwash water. A single tank of backwash water volume is only 1 m3 / min, the flushing time is 2 - 3 minutes.
save maintenance cost, the system has no mechanical or electric valve, only on special multi-function back flush valve to control the system. Unique because of the multifunctional valve, long service life, no damage record within the next 10 years, management cost is low.
shallow sand filter is different from ordinary quartz sand filter, filter speed he fast speed, the same tanks deal with large flow.
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