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What are water filter cartridge’s filter media and how to choose it?


What material are water cartridge filters made of?

1.Stainless steel wire--sintered stainless steel mesh water filter

2.Stainless steel powder--sintered stainless steel powder filter tube.

3.Fiberglass--pleated filter, high flow water filter.

4.Filter paper

5.Non-woven fabric--pleated filter cartridge, filter bag.

6.Diatomaceous earth--ceramic water filter.

7.Chemical fiber: polypropylene, polytetrafluorothylene, polyethersulfone, nylon,Polyvinylenedifluride,etc.--pleated filter cartridge, pp melt blown filter, PE water filter and so on.

8. Coconut carbon--carbon filter cartridge, sintered carbon filter, compressed activated carbon filter.

How to choose these water filter cartridges?

1.By choosing a filter media. Filter media should be compatible with filter liquid.

2.By choosing pore size.

3.By choosing Structural strength: Differential pressure, Compressive strength, operating pressure,etc.

4.By choosing Filtration efficiency(Pressure drop flow): flow rate, filters structure, housing structure, liquid viscosity, liquid proportion.etc.

5.By choosing Dirt holding capacity.

6.Other requests, size, temperature, integrity tested, etc.

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