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What factors determine the stability of the melt blown filter element?

by:Lvyuan      2022-01-20
Among water filter elements, melt blown filter elements are one of the water filter elements with relatively stable filtration efficiency. What determines its filtration stability? It can be analyzed from three aspects. 1. Melt blown filter element has low working pressure loss and stable filtration efficiency. The inner thin chemical fiber layer and the outer coarse chemical fiber layer of the polypropylene meltblown filter element form a double-layer fiber structure, which reasonably reduces the working pressure loss and maintains a relatively stable filtration efficiency. 2. The melt blown filter element has high filtration efficiency. Because the melt blown filter element is different from the traditional fabric filter material, the fiber diameter is relatively small, generally 5-25 microns; the irregular porous structure of the three-dimensional space is a network with small pores, and the average pore size is less than 40 μM. The porosity is large and the average pores are large. The rate is ≥75%, and the filtration accuracy has been adjusted reasonably. All indicators of the polypropylene melt blown filter element series produced by Lvyuan Filtration are qualified after additional measurement. 3. Long use time and low filtration cost. The diameter of the pores of the meltblown filter element shows a gradient distribution along the diameter direction (according to the filtration needs of different media, it can not only gradually become smaller from the inside to the outside, but also from the outside to the inside). In the filtration process, the large aperture part can accommodate large particles, there is enough space to ensure that the filter element is not quickly clogged, and provide good shape rigidity: the small aperture part can block small particles to ensure filtration accuracy, thereby avoiding clogging of the high-precision filter element The shortcomings of fastness and short service life reduce the filtering resistance, reduce energy consumption, and increase the service life of the filter element.
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