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what is a good drinking water filter system?

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21
Any local water filter dealer will try to sell you the highest priced, maximum priced drinking water filter;
But you don\'t need to break the piggy bank for safe and delicious drinking water.
The problem with purchasing a water purification system is that you need to find out what is in the water in order to make the right purchase that suits you and your needs.
Each water source contains different contaminants.
Even your neighbor\'s water may show results that are different from yours.
The best solution is to have at least one basic water test of iron, nitrogen, hardness, copper, nitrate, hydrogen sulfide and bacteria.
These kits can be purchased for around $25
30 is very accurate, just as good as sending your water to the lab, which could cost $150 or more.
Test suites like this are easy to find online and can save you time and money.
If you have any contaminants that appear above the recommended level of water quality, then it is better to consider the domestic reverse osmosis water system;
Otherwise, a good carbon filter can do wonders.
People living in the city often have very good regulated water, so the amount of harmful pollutants is lower than the federal/state water quality requirements.
In a situation where this harmful pollutant is better than the water quality requirements, a good carbon filter is not only cost-effective, but usually enough to bring you delicious water.
Carbon filtration can remove many different types of contaminants.
The most common contaminants removed by the carbon block filter are chlorine, which tastes bad and smells bad.
To remove contaminants or bottled premium water more strongly, you may need to consider using a reverse osmosis system.
Reverse osmosis water treatment system can remove up to 99.
9% of pollutants;
Although certain contaminants such as high-speed rail or hardness may require some special pre-treatment.
The reverse osmosis system, which has been in use for decades, is a technology developed by the Navy to filter seawater into high-quality drinking water.
Most bottled water companies such as Nestle, Kirkland, Dasani and Aquafina use reverse osmosis as a stage of filtration.
The home reverse osmosis water system is now more affordable and can be easily installed under most kitchen sinks, giving you delicious drinking water directly from the tap.
The actual cost of the reverse osmosis system could be $159-
According to the added accessories and any certifications, $400, but the entry level system is actually very high for the quality of the water produced.
In the long run, any of the drinking water filtration systems you choose can save you hundreds of years from purchasing bottled water.
So, do yourself a favor, join thousands of people, buy a drinking water filter and save yourself some money.
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