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What is HDPE sintered filter?

What is HDPE sintered filter?


The HDPE sintered filter it is manufactured by a special sintering process, in which the granules of plastic are heated until their surfaces soften, and fuse at the contact faces, while retaining more or less their original shape. The shaped body created thus has open continuous pores, whose size and number depends on the sintering conditions and the size of the polymer particles selected


Material: HDPE High molecular weight polyethylene powder

Features : Large porosity, good blocking effect of large particles, large flow rate, strong stain resistance

Application:They are widely used in laboratory solid-liquid separation, medical and pharmaceutical equipment, automatic industry devices, and water filtration systems

Characteristics: Uniform pore size distribution, strong acid and alkali resistance, high temperature resistance, good mechanical properties, and strong resistance to organic solvents. The production of large-scale water treatment equipment can adopt automatic or manual backflushing and slag removal method, solid particles can be recovered by dry slag removal, without frequent replacement of filter elements, and can be automated cleaning

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