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What is KLDCD blue large flow can wash water filter?

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-22
Big flow water filter is a common flow filter, in addition to this kind of filter element, and what kind of filter large flow, the effect is good? Filter co. , LTD. Recommend a large flow of water filter for you.

KLDCD blue large flow can be cleaning filter is a new type of cleaning products, casting and molding with polyurethane and polyester materials, imported polyester material can be used again after cleaning, has high strength, large filtering area, convenient connection, use cycle is long, etc.

technical parameters:

diameter size: 30 196 mm;

the initial pressure drop: 0. 25条;

change the pressure drop: 2. 4Bar/71°;

maximum allowable pressure drop: 3. 5条/ 20°;

the highest use temperature: 120 ℃;

the design flow rate: 70 - 100m? / h;

product performance:

use imported polyester filter, filter, hydrophobic effect is good, can be used again after cleaning.

diameter of 196 mm, corrugated height reached more than 50 mm, to achieve large filtering area, large flow, long life, the perfect combination of high sodium content;

with high strength nylon frame, not changeful form, and can take more reverse pressure difference;

USES threaded connection, the end cover joint using soft connection, ensure sealing;

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