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What is PTFE filter element?


The sintered PTFE filter element is made of pure PTFE raw materials and sintered at high temperature and high pressure. Therefore, the filter element has strong acid and alkali resistance, strong alkali resistance, high strength and toughness of the filter element, and the filter element can High temperature resistance up to 200.

PTFE filter element, the interface form adopts the standard M20, 222 and 226 interface form, which is interchangeable with other filter elements, and has a flat push and pressure plate interface for precision size and steam filtration. It can also be made into various This type of interface.


  • Diameter: φ20, φ25 φ30 φ35 φ40 φ45 φ50 φ60;

  • Length: 5"10"20"30"40";

  • Can also produce large-diameter (φ1000) filter elements according to requirements;

  • Filtration accuracy: 0.3um 0.45um 1um 3um 5um 10um 20um.


Product performance

  1. Resistant to strong acids and alkalis.

  2. High temperature resistance 200 can be steam sterilized and steam filtered

  3. High porosity: The general metal sintered filter element has a porosity below 30, while the porosity of the PTFE sintered filter element is as high as 50 or more, so the same filter area has a large fluid flow.

  4. Smooth outer surface: Impurities are not easy to hang on the surface of the filter element. At the same time, the outer surface has high filtration accuracy and the inner filtration accuracy is low. Impurities are not easy to be embedded in the filter element. The filter element is easy to clean and thoroughly cleaned. The cleaning effect is excellent and the service life is long.

  5. High strength and toughness: high strength and toughness, the filter element is not easy to break, this is the incomparable advantage of the metal filter element, completely solved the problem of huge losses caused by the "break" of the filter element that caused the manufacturer's headache.

6. High filtration accuracy: The filtration accuracy of the PTFE sintered filter element can reach 0.3um, even below 0.1um, which is not achieved by ordinary metal filter elements. The high filtration precision and high porosity enable the filter element to have a better fluid flow under the working conditions of high filtration precision, which is practical.


  • Pharmaceutical industry

  • chemical industry

  • Chemical fiber and textile industry

  • Chemical wastewater

  • Light Industry and Food Industry

  • Machinery and Petroleum Industry

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