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What is the main functions of the air compressor filter?

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-22
Air compressor filter and common water filter is different, it is mainly used in air filtration, its main function has a lot of, including the following aspects.

air compressor filter function is the host of oil-bearing compressed air into the cooler, is entered into the oil and gas filter to filter, mechanical separation of gas oil mist to intercept and aggregation, the formation of oil drops of concentrated in the filter at the bottom of the return pipe to return to the compressor lubrication system, make the compressor discharge more pure, high quality compressed air;

that is simple to remove particles of solid dust, oil and gas from compressed air and liquid material device.

air compressor filter including air filter, oil filter, oil content, precision filter, etc.

the oil and gas separation filter is decided to discharge screw compressor compressed air quality of key components. Installed in the correct use and maintenance, to ensure the compressed air quality and the service life of filter element.

from the nose compression screw compressor of air with different sizes of oil droplets, lard drops through the oil and gas separation tank is easy to separation, and small oil droplets ( Slurry) You must through the oil and gas separation filter micron grade glass fiber filter material of filtering.

correct selection of glass fiber diameter and thickness of filtering effect is an important factor. Oil mist interception by the filter material, diffusion and aggregation, small oil droplets aggregate into lard drops quickly, in the pneumatic and under the action of gravity through filter layer, settling at the bottom of the filter element.

the oil through a filter at the bottom of the concave of the return pipe imports, constantly return to the lubrication system, so that the compressor discharge is pure, high quality compressed air.

clean out old dust control system is to control by someone, then USES the timer control. With the development of electronic technology, the pulse control system used in bag filter dust control, existing open-loop control and closed-loop control mode.
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