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What kind of filtering capacity does pp melt blown filter element have?

by:Lvyuan      2022-02-05
In terms of filtration capacity, how does the capability of pp melt blown filter element reflect? What is its filtration efficiency and precision? First of all, let's first understand the standard of pp melt blown filter element. Understand the standard of the filter element. Different standard pp melt blown filter elements may have different effects and different details. Understand the classification and characteristics of pp melt blown filter element. It is classified according to different methods such as the medium and material used. In other words, the more you understand the relevant knowledge of the filter element, the smoother the selection will be. Lvyuan filter element manufacturers have low prices. If you want to buy high-quality PP melt blown filter elements, you can’t just choose the manufacturer casually, but you have to go through strict screening to determine. The pp melt blown filter element has high filtration efficiency and filtration accuracy. Because the filter element has a uniform pore density, the filtration efficiency exceeds 99%. The resistance of the filter is small, the flow of the filter is large, the amount of dirt is large, and the service life is long. The fiber diameter and gap are adjusted during the production process, and the small outer layer of the filter microporous layer is large, which increases the flow rate and the amount of dirt, the filter element is not easy to be blocked, and the service life is prolonged. After PP meltblown filter element is treated and modified by polypropylene, the product has high hydrophilicity. It can absorb ten times the water and can be used for oil-water separation.
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