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What role does the filter end cover

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-22
Filter end cover seal on both ends of the filter material and support the role of the filter material, the filter is installed on the vehicle or engine, in the process of mechanical operation, will produce vibration, air filter under great stress, end cover can effectively improve the capacity of the filter material. Normally we saw filter end cover material basically has galvanized iron cover, plastic cover, aluminum cover and stainless steel cover, so, the end cover are and what role?

1。 End cover of the material to be consistent with the connection mode and equipment, and equipment are not match cannot normal use, different temperature environment using different material end cover.
2。 Cold rolled steel plate mainly by steel plate stamping side into various shapes into can be placed the groove end face and dope the filter material, the other side of adhesive rubber seals, have the effect of seal and seal the filter material filter channel.
3。 The hydraulic oil filter, such as dh R series filter end cover mainly adopts engineering plastic end cover, dh D series mainly is made of cold rolled steel plate end cover, D series filter belong to high pressure filter, using steel plate can effectively support the middle filter material, resistance to high pressure, the plastic end cover of the compressive capacity is small, so the choice of the end cover material and filter the bearing pressure also have relations.
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