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What's the big flow filter skeleton for?

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-22
Large flow filter there is a skeleton in the support, so the frame is used to do? Its frame is there have what meaning?

big traffic way of filter design is to filter material, skeleton and end cover welded together, the design of the filter with five layers, will have larger than other cartridge filter area.

big flow filter and other ordinary filter compared with longer service life, can reduce the frequency of replacement, cost down. The whole frame structure has high mechanical strength, not deformation under harsh process conditions.

according to the different filter conditions, large flow filter can choose different thickness and strength of frame bracket. General framework can be used in the general environment. Under the condition of pressure or instantaneous pressure, easy to produce cracks or deformation, affect the filtration efficiency.

during the storage, please pay attention to the storage warehouse large flow filter, don't put any other harmful gas or corrosive medium, and reasonable product placement. In addition, shall ensure that appropriate temperature control, and to observe the change of the warehouse, as far as possible can install thermometer and hygrometer.

big flow filter use effect and the stability of the performance is very good, this is also one of the reasons people choose to use the filter.
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