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What's the construction of stainless steel filter housing?

What's the construction of stainless steel filter housing?


Stainless steel filter housing typically consists of a cylindrical vessel made of stainless steel, designed to hold a filter cartridge or bag. The construction of a stainless steel filter housing can vary depending on the specific application and requirements, but here are some general components and characteristics:


1.Stainless Steel Body: The body of the filter housing is usually made of stainless steel, which provides durability and corrosion resistance. The steel may be polished or brushed depending on the desired finish.


2. Inlet/Outlet Connections: The housing will typically have threaded or flanged inlet/outlet connections for fluid to flow in and out of the filter.


3. Closure Mechanism: The housing will have a closure mechanism to securely fasten the top and bottom of the housing together. This may include a clamp, swing bolt, or quick-release mechanism.


4.Filter Element: The housing will hold a filter element such as a cartridge or bag. The type of filter element used will depend on the application and filtration requirements.

5.Pressure Relief Valve: Some filter housings may include a pressure relief valve to protect against excessive pressure build-up within the housing.


6. Mounting Bracket: The housing may include a mounting bracket for easy installation and support.


Overall, the construction of a stainless steel filter housing is designed to provide reliable and efficient filtration in a variety of industrial and commercial applications. Please email info@lyfilter.com for more product information

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