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What's the pall high flow filter element inner frame for?

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-22
High pall filter to filter the direction of flow into the inside out, from one end of the filtration solution openings to filter, the external pressure, forcing the solution from the other direction, another port were blocked, so the solution will be out from inside the filter element, through the filter membrane material, filter out the impurity in the solution, relatively clean solution will separate filtering. Solution into the pall high flow filter, internal and external pressure, the filter inside the inner frame become stronger force, so the pall filter source general production high flow filter, take this factor into consideration, increasing the thickness of the filter element inner frame, in order to avoid skeleton filter can't under too much pressure lead to split, the service life of the filter is damaged. More about pall high flow filter, can consultation hotline 18790610805!
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