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What used to deal with waste water filter is better? High flow filter can pall pall

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-22
Wastewater treatment including industrial waste water, urban waste water, laboratory water separation and purification of seawater desalination system of the electric power industry, steel, or in the field of industrial wastewater and sewage reuse, the use of filter for general security filter core, divided into high flow filter ( Pall pall high flow filter, parker, parker high flow filter, 3 m high flow filter) , microporous folded filter, PP spray a variety of forms such as melt filter, wire wound filter, if you don't know how to choose appropriate filter or filter, can ask - 187 9061 - 0805, immediately for you to make high solution flow filter commonly used in flow, pressure filter, using thicker PP frame, direction of different filter, suitable for different filter device, microporous folded, melt-blown filter, the security filter, such as line around the filter can be applied to general equipment, water treatment industry for precision and traffic control is more rigorous. Welcome the advisory 18790610805, answer questions for you at any time.
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