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what you need to know before you buy a under counter water filter

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21
The water filter under the counter is no longer something that only a handful of nuts that are overly focused on health will buy!
Today, it is necessary to filter your water.
It is shocking that our water system has been so badly damaged.
To make matters worse, our local water authority did not offer us any real solutions.
To protect your health and the health of your family, you definitely need to understand how they work and which ones are best bought under the anti-filter.
If you think I\'m alarmist about the bad shape of our water, let me cite a few recent studies.
In 29 cities in the United States, such a study was conducted on so-called \"treated\" water.
Of the 29 cities that studied pesticides, pesticides were found in water in all 29 cities!
There are even traces of three pesticides in the water in one of the cities!
The people of Ralph Nader did another very comprehensive study.
They studied several large water systems in the United States and found more than 2,000 carcinogenic chemicals.
Lest you think these things are filtered out by your municipal water treatment facility. . .
Well, I don\'t want to tell you that most of these chemicals will slide directly into your house\'s clean water supply system.
Look at the recent explosion of bottled water.
This is not only because of convenience, but mainly because of concerns about the quality of our tap water.
Unfortunately, the quality of bottled water varies from place to place, and it is really difficult to get reliable data about specific bottled water, or even almost impossible.
The only way you can address this health threat is to buy something like an anti-filter.
The only problem now is which model to buy.
It depends on where you live and what you want to filter out.
There are several types under the counter water filter.
Some work by distilled water, others by a process called reverse osmosis.
There are also filters that use UV rays to kill organic contaminants, as well as filters that have one or more ceramic and/or carbon filter stages.
Distillation works well as long as you don\'t distilled the chlorine water.
If your water is not coming out of the well, then I can almost assure you that there is chlorine in it.
Using an underwater filter with reverse penetration will work well, except that this technology will take out what we really want in the water, such as trace minerals.
Ultraviolet rays are only good for water contaminated with organic impurities, such as in some well water.
Perhaps the best under the counter water filter is the use of carbon filters and ceramic filters, usually twostep process.
No matter which type of water filter you decide to buy, it has to be better than nothing.
The bottom line is that you need an underwater filter to protect your health and the health of your family.
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