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When high flow filter replacement more appropriate?

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-22
High flow filter filter used the technology level of discount, in limited space inside the filter medium area flow zui, folding technology ensures that fluid through the filter at the same time, each unit area have fluid through the filter medium, to ensure that the filter medium area completely transform effective filter area. Then when is high flow filter filter should be replaced? A: filter water smaller. Under the same conditions, The water pressure and water temperature is the same) Less water, the filter system. That is likely to be filter for blocked, such as filter core is close to its service life, then you need to replace the filter cartridge. 2: RO reverse osmosis filter water too fast. Filter water significantly speed up like now, because this kind of situation usually RO membrane damage caused by, then we have to change the new RO membrane, or filter will completely lose filtering capabilities. Three: filter core color burn. Like this kind of situation is because the filter cartridge filter impurities with too many bacteria, piling up in filter in time is too long, cause pollution to the filter. It was also in told we need to change the filter element. Four: filter according to 80% of the time calculation to the filter service life. The service life of filter element is an ideal filter filter using period, as we all know, there is a gap between ideal and reality. In fact, water pollution seriously, filter can use for such a long time. Water good place don't suggest that we wait to filter expired to change. We usually in time to achieve the ideal life of the filtering of around 80% of the time change.
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