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when & how to clean and maintain under sink water filters

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21
Their cost is very cheap and the benefits offered far outweigh the purification of the main water supply.They are small and can be easily hidden under any sink or counter to provide readily available purified water for all purposes.However, these filters are limited to the point of use, which means that they can only be 1-The two taps they connected.
But they also have many advantages.
Maintenance and cleaning is one of the best options.The water filter under the sink can be cleaned, repaired and maintained by appointing a plumber who can complete the work at a fairly cheap cost in less than an hour.1.This is important for faster cleaning and safety purposes.
By closing the main power supply line, water leakage that may cause electrical danger can be prevented.2.After the main water supply is closed, all water is discharged from the main water tank and the reservoir, if any.3.The opening hatch is located at the top of the body of the filter.
Use a wrench of the right size to open it easily.4.O-O-Rings should be replaced at least once a year.Once you open the hatch, O-The ring will fall off automatically or you can also remove it easily.
Cartridges can only run for up to one year.You should replace the full cartridge to prevent blockage in the near future and save time to clean the cartridge.6.You can buy sanitizing liquids from local plumbing stores.
Instructions for sanitizing the filter body are provided.Follow all steps accordingly.7.After you have disinfected the filters and all other spare parts such as pipes and taps, make sure you also dry them with a hairdryer or garden blower.8.Wait at least 5 minutes before closing all latches and screws.
All filter body units are then turned off and connected to the main supply line.Activate the filter by opening the main water supply line and the outlet water supply line.In order to avoid the intake of any chemical, it is recommended to discharge the entire amount of water before using the first filtered amount of water for drinking.
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