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why a reverse osmosis water filter might not be the best option for your home

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21
If you are buying a filtration system for your home, you may encounter a reverse osmosis water filter.
While it can remove some contaminants from your water, many other contaminants will be left behind, so this is the best option when filtering your home\'s water.
Have a better choice.
The RO system, which employs more than 40 years of technology, has not kept up with new knowledge about filtered water or the popularity of more synthetic chemicals in our water, which is more difficult to remove.
They also wasted 2-
They produce 3 gallons of water per gallon, so the operating costs are high.
Reverse osmosis water filter works by passing through water at half pressure
A permeable membrane with very fine holes, designed to allow only purified water to pass through when contaminants are trapped in the membrane.
However, in addition to harmful contaminants, reverse osmosis water filters remove trace minerals that are critical to human health.
These natural minerals
In the distillation process, what happens in all water is also removed.
Studies have shown that people who drink distilled water for a long time have a lack of minerals, which can lead to more serious health problems.
So, the water filter is not the most important thing to remove everything from the water, but only remove unwanted chemicals.
Some of the most harmful chemicals that may exist in your water are synthetic chemicals, such as chemicals contained in pesticides and herbicides.
Rainwater runoff, chemical spills, and improper disposal of these dangerous toxins may all bring them into the water we use to drink and bathe.
Most of these synthetic chemicals have a smaller molecular structure than the holes in the reverse osmosis water filter.
This means that when the filter removes larger chemical and biological contaminants from the water and these beneficial trace minerals, it allows harmful synthetic chemicals to pass through.
Reverse osmosis is also not the most effective way to filter water.
For example, the RO system installed on the kitchen faucet is able to filter about one gallon of water per hour.
Since the kitchen sink often requires more than a gallon of water at a time, a storage tank for filtered water is required.
In addition to stopping the contaminants they filter, the reverse osmosis water filter also prevents quite a bit of water, often wasting twice as much water as the water produced during the filtration process.
They require a lot of water pressure to run well and often need maintenance.
A better alternative would be to use activated carbon, which used to work but is now out of dateS.
The Environmental Protection Agency best removes contaminants in the water, including synthetic chemicals.
Systems that use activated carbon filters as part of multiple filters to filter water
The step system of chemical absorption and filtration will provide you with peace of mind to drink and bathe in pollutants --free water.
Before purchasing a filter product using reverse osmosis or any other technology, compare the performance data sheet of the product to see which filters can remove contaminants in the water.
If you are considering buying a reverse osmosis water filter, compare it with a product that provides more advanced and efficient filtration technology.
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