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Why is pp melt blown filter element widely applicable?

by:Lvyuan      2022-01-10
There are many types of water filter elements, and different filter elements have their own advantages and scope of use. PP melt blown filter elements are the more commonly used water filter elements. The pp filter element is a filter element with high efficiency, low pressure difference, long service life and wide applicability. It is widely used in pre-filtration treatment of PCB, electroplating, pure water, food and drinking water, and pre-filtration treatment of RO permeation. PP filter element is made by polypropylene hot melt method. The filter element has no inner shaft and adopts inner density and outer sparse design. It can not only maintain a stable flow rate, pressure difference and service life, but also has an excellent deep filtering effect and accumulated amount of pollutants. . As the chemical composition of PP is clean and meets food hygiene standards, it will not cause secondary pollution to the liquid to be filtered due to the material. It has the characteristics of large flow, high precision, corrosion resistance, and high pressure resistance. The material characteristics of PP filter element: PP filter element is made of ultra-fine polypropylene fiber thermally entangled. Ultra-fine fibers rely on self-bonding and entanglement to randomly form a three-dimensional microporous structure in space. The connection between fibers does not require any adhesive. It has the characteristic of gradient changes in radial fibers. It is a porous and fabric filter medium. Complex. It can form deep filtration on the one hand, and surface filtration on the other. It is a composite filter material that integrates pre-filtration, fine filtration and gravity sedimentation. It has been widely used in drinking water purification and industrial pure water filtration. And other fluid filtration. The PP filter element has high filtration efficiency, low pressure loss, stable filtration efficiency, long service life, low filtration cost, good safety and strong adaptability. Melt-blown filter elements are different from traditional fabric filter materials. The filament diameter of this material is very thin, often less than 5-25 microns. The fiber presents an irregular porous network structure. The average diameter is less than 40 microns, and the average porosity is greater than 75%. The control of filtration accuracy is very reliable. The fine fiber layer inside the PP filter element and the loose fiber layer outside form a double-layer fiber structure, which effectively reduces pressure loss and maintains a stable filtration efficiency. The pore size of the PP filter element is distributed in a gradient along the diameter direction. When filtering, the part with a large pore size can accommodate larger particles to ensure that the filter element will not be clogged quickly, and at the same time provide good shape rigidity; the part with small pore size It can block fine particles and ensure the filtration accuracy, thus avoiding the shortcomings of fast clogging and short life of the high-precision filter element. It also reduces the filtration resistance, reduces the energy consumption of the equipment, and prolongs the service life of the filter element.
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