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Why the boiler make-up water to soften the water processing

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21
Water softener is widely used in boiler make-up water, basic is installed per boiler make-up water softening water equipment, even to pack pure water equipment, high pressure boiler is this why? Below to analysis:
1, boiler plate, pipe was burning for overheating
as a knot in the boiler scale, and insist on will be output ( Working pressure and transpiration) So just add the temperature of the fire side. So scale is thicker, thermal conductivity, the temperature of the fire side of the boiler is the higher.
can be seen from the experimental data from, about the work pressure of 1. 4 mpa boiler, the temperature of the fire side between 900 ~ 1200 ° C, water side temperature is 197 * C, furring plate temperature, the size of only 215 ~ 250 ° C. On the same type boiler, boiler plate junction is zero. 8 to 1. 0 mm mixed scale, the steel plate temperature than no scale of about 134 ~ 160 ° C. When the steel plate arrived at 315 ° C, the period beginning learning performance decline, when arrived at 450 ° C, will creep due to overheating. Therefore owe good water treatment, boiler generation scale, is easy to make metal loss of the boiler.
2, fuel many spoils
when the enemy of boiler scale, to adhere to the output of the boiler must be, it is necessary to progress the temperature of the fire side, so that the two heat loss added: - Is the heat loss of radiation to the world; - Is the smoke exhaust heat loss.
for boiler work pressure is different, and the thermal conductivity and thickness of the scale is different, the amount of fuel frivol is different also. The boiler pressure is higher, the scale, the lower the thermal conductivity, the higher the scale thickness, spoiling the greater the amount of fuel. Experiments show that about the work pressure of 1. 4 mpa boiler, because the knot with 1 mm thick mixed scale, fuel spoiling of up to 8%. According to statistics, only the three northeastern provinces, each year for boiler fouling formation coal spoil as high as more than 200 ten thousand tonnes. City after chemical cleaning of boiler, coal mostly in 5% ~ 25%.
3, decline in output
when the transpiration of surface scale of boiler, fire side heat transfer water too fast, will drop the boiler output. As a fertilizer, because owe good water treatment, boiler scale, make boiler transpiration can be down to about two-thirds, forming the lack of gas supply, active line can't drive, result in factory production.
4, add boiler maintenance quantity of
the boiler plate or pipe scale, is very difficult to remove, especially because scale caused leakage of boiler, crack, fracture, deformation, corrosion and other diseases, not only damaged the boiler, and requires a lot of manpower and material resources to repair. In this way, not only shorten the cycle and maintenance costs. Such as in a hotel, for not for water treatment, boiler invalid - every two years , have to stop taking more than two months each year. Since with ion exchange softening water equipment for water treatment, boiler safe operation for five years, a year only need to do the routine inspection and maintenance.

5, endanger the safety scale caused by accident, the ratio of accident of boiler is very high, most of the provinces and cities in more than 20%. The forming device loss not only, also threatened the security of person.
6, add the number of chemical cleaning, the boiler formation damage, reduce the service life of the boiler, add the security hidden danger.
the place on put together is narrated, the boiler water treatment, tell from global, is the 'bottom line', construction and operation of water treatment cost, only water treatment after the cost to save a quarter of the total.
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