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why you should consider a whole house water filter.

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21
Let\'s face it. it\'s a difficult choice to choose the filter system of the whole house.We thought the water filter for the whole house was too expensive, so we tried a countertop unit and a main shower unit.Of course, we should realize that this is not enough.
Fortunately, we learned the lesson.
Hopefully this information will help you make the right decision for your family.We start with the countertop unit because the chlorine content in our area is sometimes higher than the level of swimming safety.The company says it\'s \"safe,\" but what they really mean is that it\'s safe enough to pass EPA standards.
No one really knows what effect chlorine has on you.I know what it did to my dog.It makes them diarrhea.Now, we don\'t have to worry about this because we found the water filtration system for the whole house, which can remove nearly 100% of the chemicals and many other contaminants.However, it took us a while to find out that the filter for the whole house was the right choice.
After we installed the shower in the bathroom, no one else would take a shower.So we have three more.Once you get used to the filtered water, you can smell the chlorine in other faucets.So before we switched to the full House filter, we ended up installing the countertop unit on the bathroom faucet.
There are four more units.
Change the cartridge about every three or four months and we did a year of math.The water filter system of the whole house we chose cost less than thousand yuan.Within a year it paid for itself as we spent so much on replacing the cartridges only.
We kept the kitchen counter.
Because, there is something that may not be able to remove the water filter for the whole house.Our tubes are old and affect the taste, but it is also possible to leak lead.Because of the water filter in the whole house, I can take a bath again.
Our clothes smell better.
They may also last longer.
Since then, they are not bleached every time we wash them.When he came to install the unit, the plumber said that the filter system of the whole house could protect our pipes from corrosion.So, this is an extra bonus.We haven\'t seen him for a while.The system we bought is as pre-Filter steps and hosts.
The pre-Because we use a lot of water, the filter has to be replaced every three months.However, the main unit of the water filter in the whole house lasts for three years.The company we chose.The filters are automatic so we don\'t have to worry about ordering them or trust our memories.
There is no doubt that the water filter for a whole house is a worthwhile investment for our family.Even a dog, everyone is happier and safer
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